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PIUSI SuzzaraBlue Pro DEF PUMP.

PIUSI Pro DEF Pump tote package

PIUSI Pro DEF Pump tote package

One of a kind pump with a specially designed, technologically advanced membrane pumping system. This Diesel Exhaust Fluid pump was first created for DEF use in the European market.  For the last six years PIUSI SuzzaraBlue Pro DEF Pump has been tested and redesigned to exceed the current DEF pumps that are in the market.

What sets DEF pumps apart from one another? Unlike your conventional water pumps DEF pumps need to be built out of material that will not corrode, become a closed loop system and be portable. What you see in the above image is the PIUSI DEF pump on a tote.  PIUSI DEF pump is built out of stainless steel and high density polyethylene (HDPE). With the assistants of Micro-Matic RSV Coupler the PIUSI DEF pump becomes your one of a kind closed loop systems with a reusable coupler.  The reusable coupler and interchangeable tote bracket give it the ability to go from 55 gallon drum to 275/330 gallon totes.