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43 miles per gallon on diesel?

The future of automobiles is finally here.  Volkswagen just released a new model which uses SCR technology.  They are touting 43 miles to the gallon.  Below is a caption from the VW Blog.

TDI CLEAN DIESEL: We know what you’re thinking. Diesel used to be smelly, loud and nasty, and as a result got a bad rap in the states thanks to big trucks and long-ago mistakes by automakers. It’s just not true anymore, so – get over it. Today’s diesel is clean, thanks to the fuel and engine technology that VW uses to help improve efficiency and boost performance.† Fact is, TDI Clean Diesel models are arguably better and more efficient than their gasoline-powered siblings. There’s also the feel-good angle: the 2012 VW Passat TDI meets BIN5/LEV2 emissions standards, courtesy of a computer-controlled injection system that sprays fuel directly into the combustion chamber. At high pressure, this helps to promote more complete combustion. In addition, Passat TDI models use a special catalyst and urea-injection system that reduces NOx emissions by up to 95 percent. Filled by a 4.9 gallon tank located inside the trunk, the injection system delivers a range of approximately 15,500 miles. Service is handled at your local VW dealership and is covered by the Passat model’s no-charge Carefree Maintenance Program. ††