Tecalemit HDM ECO Control Management System & Diesel Dispenser

Description: The HDM ECO is designed to provide a small to medium size truck fleet with the ability to manage its inventory and employees use of fuel.  The HDM ECO comes equipped with pump, automatic nozzle, 13ft. of dispensing hose with flow rate of 15 GPM.  Control Management System provides 500 user capability with 2000 transactions of storage space.  Connection 1″ NPT inlet for ease of use in the U.S. and Canada.

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Viscomat Vane Pump

Item # F0033991A

Viscomat vane pumps for transferring medium-viscosity oils, with high flow-rate.

Features of the Viscomat vane pump are as follows, flow rate 7 GPM, pressure up to 87 psi, continuous operation, noise less than 70 dB, inlet and outlet 1” and 120V.

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Viscomat Gear Pump

Item # 000304200

Viscomat gear is a family of internal profile gear pumps designed as the modern, effective solutions for various requirements of pumping oils and lubricants. Featured gear pump is the Viscomat 200/2.  Features of the Viscomat 200/2 are as follows, flow rate 2-4 GPM, pressure from 170 psi, continuous operation, noise less than 70 dB and 120v 60Hz.

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G50 II Self Priming Transfer Pump 12 Volt

The G50 features a vane pump with automatic nozzle with swivel joint, 2″ NPT drum thread connection, suction hose with filter, 3/4 discharge hose 13′ and 19″ cable.  The transfer pump can be used with diesel, heating oil and anti-freeze.  Weatherized unit with overload thermal protection (protects against dry running the pump), corrosion resistant housing and light wight.  Flow rate of 12 GPM and 12 volt.

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