Diesel Exhaust Fluid Products

Heavy Duty DEF Piston Hand Pump

Description:  Heavy Duty HDPE Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF piston hand pump.  Includes hose, clamp and extension down tube.

Price: $ 0.00


DEF Manual nozzles with strong resistant structure with 3/4” hose tail with a flow rate of up to 20 GPM.

Price: $ 0.00

DEF Automatic Nozzle


DEF Automatic Nozzle:  Flow rate of 10 GPM

Price: $ 0.00

HORN Tecalemit FMT II Flow Meter DEF

Description:  Horn Tecalemit FMT II LCD Flow Meter is designed for DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid usage.  Flow rate of 25 GPM.   

Price: $ 0.00

WONDER BOX Control Management System

The HORN TECALEMIT WONDER BOX Control Management System is designed to control delivery during refueling/ supplying with gas, diesel, heating oil, (waste) oil, grease, fuel, urea, chemicals or radiator antifreeze.
How you benefit:
• Logging without any gaps
• Personalized users
• Filling history using data storage
• Optional printer connection
• Intuitive menu navigation

The Wonder Box Control Management System stands out for its simple operation and configurability. Its modular concept offers the performance that the customer needs. Detailed evaluations with the back office PC software provide complete cost control with Wireless USB transferring of data.
• Fueling point: single
• Display: alphanumeric, illuminates 2 x 20,
12 mm character height
• Connection to: feed pump, volume meter, delivery hose with automatic nozzle, analog fill level sensor or float switch to monitor fill level.
• Identity cards: up to 500 drivers
• Capacity: more than 2000 transactions electronic journal

Price: $ 0.00

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